Overwatch Map Call Outs & Map Knowledge - Resource List

Overwatch callouts help... especially in competitive play right? Sure they do! Callouts provide a "short hand" to players for quick and easy communication. The biggest benefit of having callouts is obviously to:
  • Relay strategic actions to your team quickly and clearly.
  • To give instructions to teammates to go to specific locations, inform them of enemy location, instruct to capture sniping positions etc.
  • tips for using the map overviews: The shorter name or less syllables a map callout has, the less you will have say. This will make the communication on your team more efficient, reducing the amount of chat needed to relay important information. A good example of this would be abbreviating “apartments” to “aps”. Buildings/areas with more than one level can be referred to upper/lower (i.e. “lower aps”)
  • Some of the callouts use the same name, sometimes even in the same map, to reduce the amount of memorization on the player’s part.
  • Medpacks are also included on the map and the color of the arrow will indicate the area that is located in. To differentiate between the two they can be called mega and mini, big and small, etc.
Resource List Source Credits:
Kill Ping's Overwatch Map Callouts
Sp0h's Map Callouts

The link above to Sp0h's is to Route 66 but there's several Maps covered on the blog. Great starting point to help with map knowledge and common callouts for OW comp play. I'm not going to list all of the maps in this thread... just a few. Hopefully the rest of our OW players in the community will hop in and help add the others... wink wink nudge nudge.

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