Squad Game Bug/Issue Fixes - Radio/VOIP Lag

Issue primarily impacts AMD CPU based systems (*it seems). Up until Squad 4.0 I had not once had an issue with this. After 4.0 lag and stuttering became horrendous at times when on servers and Radio chat was in use. On the Squad forums a user reported simply turning off Radio filter in settings/audio and turning effects in-game off would resolve. You can try that first and test.

For me it made no difference and the only solution that fixed it for me was actually going into the game files here: program files(x86)>steam>steamapps>common>squad>squad>content>audio>classes and delete both the RadioVoice and Voice .uasset files This fixed the issue for me and other AMD users playing Squad.

I'm not a proponent of removing game files but for me this worked. My VOIP/Chat functions have not been impacted and work fine.

Edit: The recent 4.0 hot-fixes reintroduced this issue for me and I've yet to find a workaround. For me it is only severe and noticeable on high player count servers. It is sound induced (not only voip but in-game sounds as well). This seems to be a UE issue rearing it's ugly head once again in 4.0 > https://answers.unrealengine.com/questi ... sourc.html
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