BF1 Cinematic Videos - Verdun & Fort De Vaux

BF1 Cinematic Videos - Verdun & Fort De Vaux

Just toying around with the Battlefield 1 ingame camera (which is very nice) trying to capture some of the beautiful graphics and scenery on the map Verdun Heights. While maybe not the best Battlefield map ever designed... this map is stunning in detail and the fire, burning wood embers, skyline, and ambiance of this map keep me loading into the map again and again.

Again this one (Fort De Vaux) is probably the less best of the two cinematic videos I've made so far in my opinion but the map is splendid in it's detail and layout design. Less colorful than Verdun Heights but it may be a bit more reminiscent of the utter intimidation and disparaging mood the WW1 battles must have invoked in the brave souls that fought them. This map and it's layout in my opinion is some of the best CQB map work I've seen to date from DICE/EA developers.

While it's not immune from either team being capped out and spawn trapped (both factions), that's the exception rather than the norm as most rounds go back and forth in a wild push for control of flags down winding corridors that offer plenty of flanking routes and very few choke-points like those that were predominant in the Metro map versions and Lockers map in the series.

Thanks for watching/reading and I'd love to read your comments on the maps. Hopefully you've played them or are looking forward to playing them. What's your take on the game thus far? As with previous BF titles BF1 has a lot of "growing up" to do. The BF1 Rent-A-Server system is well below what I'd expect as far as admin server control and traffic from quick match.

Last but by no means least... I'd like to say thanks to the guys that have been in BF1 and in Discord recently playing as a group. It's only a handful but that's always more than enough to keep me enjoying the game and even more importantly the "experience of playing the game". To the rest of you who have BF1 I'd love to see you hop in one night and join us. Particularly the senior infantry based members who preferred infantry strong BF maps. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with what Fort De Vaux and Verdun Heights offers.

We've still got a 64 Slot server running both the maps. Search for -[3MOB]- and you'll find it. Add it to your favorites and join us!

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