Squad - Server Rules

  • 1. No negative or derogatory behavior directed towards other players on the server. Regardless of your age, we ask that you try and be mature and set a good example for gamers on the server. Comments or remarks resulting in, but not limited to, blatant racism or targeting another player or company will not be tolerated.

    2. Swearing and vulgar remarks in excess will not be tolerated and will result in a temporary or permanent ban. Racist remarks or comments will result in an immediate and permanent ban from our servers.

    3. No cheating, hacking, glitching, scripts, etc. Keep the game play fair and fun for everyone.

    4. No team stacking. Server admins will politely ask you to separate the teams if the teams become too stacked. Ignoring the requests from the server admins will be grounds for removal from the server.

    5. No excess VOIP or chat spamming.

    6. Any form of intentional team killing or disruptive play will not be allowed. Look, we know accidents happen and players are new. But we have admins that can make a determination on whether you are doing it intentionally. Intentional teamkilling will result in your removal and temporary ban from the server. Repeatedly doing so, will result in a permanent ban.

    7. Challenging any admins openly or starting any form of inflammatory arguments in open chat will result in your removal and possible ban from the server. Any issues should be brought up and addressed privately in the forums here.

    8. For all of the above offenses a warning will be issued but can result in a temporary ban of up to two weeks. Recurring behavior will result in your permanent removal from the community.

    9. Impersonating a member of 3MOB and/or the server admins will result in your immediate removal from the server.

    10. Each infarction is handled on a case by case basis with the server admin team here at 3MOB. You may appeal any ban decision HERE but after the appeal process, any decisions made by the admin team will be final.

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