3MOB Squad Community Server

Hello everyone,

As you guys seem to be more and more interested in Squad. I took it upon myself to get the 3MOB Community set up with a small server (18 slots to start) so that we can get everyone acclimated and introduced to the game in a smaller, more controlled environment. If you browse the server list in game, you will see the server: 3MOB Community Server - BF4Platoons.com.

I actually just finished showing KingEpsilon around a bit on the new server, and a quick rundown on weapons and roles. I would be more than happy to do the same for anyone interested. Thanks, and I truly hope you guys enjoy the game.

Re: 3MOB Community Server

Pitched in (out of my pocket - not community server fund) and added to Odin's first month and we upped the server to 64 Slots. Will run and reevaluate before monthly billing cycle is up.

So far it ran essentially full all yesterday afternoon and last night until early morning. We'll see. Join us!

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