Overwatch Heroes... Good Tips On Finding Your Role

Overwatch Heroes... Finding your role

One of the most important things in Overwatch is to find your role within your team. It would be fatal for you to pick a “main hero” that you play exclusively. You need to have a wide hero pool. Even as Support player you should be able to play DPS heroes if your team needs you to and the situation calls for it. That being said, in a very coordinated team environment there are usually roles that define what heroes you play in most lineups.

First, let’s look at the general roles that usually exist within teams:

Tank: Every team has usually one Tank specialist. In the current meta the Tank plays mostly Reinhardt and Winston. However, D.Va and Roadhog are also heroes that the tank player should be familiar with.

Core DPS: The core DPS is another specialist in teams. You will see him play mostly McCree due to his versatility and overall power. That being said, the Core DPS should be able to play all hitscan based heroes such as Widowmaker, Soldier:76, Tracer and Roadhog on a high level, particularly after the recent McCree nerf. Due to the McCree nerf the classic Core DPS has also been falling out of favour and has been replaced with an additional Flex DPS.

Flex DPS: This is one of the harder roles to master and a luxury rather than a must. The general consensus is that the Flex DPS should be able to play every offensive hero. From Genji to Hanzo - everything is fair game. On top of that, the Flex DPS should be able to play every Tank except Reinhardt to a reasonable level as well.

Flanker: An already dying out breed is the classic flank DPS which is usually played in the spot that the Flex DPS occupies. The flanker is usually someone specialised on using Genji, Tracer or Reaper to their fullest capabilities. However, due to his usually limited hero pool he has fallen out of favour.

Flex: The Flex is possibly among the hardest role to play on a team. He needs to be able to play every hero to a reasonable level. From DPS to Supports. The flex has to have the awareness to switch around even more regularly than the rest of his teammates and adjust to the situation on the battlefield. However, classic signature heroes of flex players are Zarya, Winston, Widowmaker, Symmetra and D.Va

Support: Every team has usually two Support players. Generally one support is limited to playing Lucio exclusively due to how powerful Lucio’s Speedboost is in competitive games. The Support playing Lucio is also in many cases the Shotcaller of the team because Lucio’s Speedboost is usually the initiation tool used. The second support is usually specialised on playing Zenyatta and Mercy. Since he switches more regularly than the Lucio support, he also needs a slightly wider & deeper hero pool.

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