BF1 They Shall Not Pass DLC - Feedback... Is it worth getting a Premium Pass???

So whatever happened to players in our community giving feedback on the new BF DLCs?
These forums are dead... but that's been that way for months now. I went ahead and got the Premium Pass based on the feedback I read on the Battlefield 1 Reddit along with the fact that I wanted to specifically play 2 of the new maps geared towards infantry play, Fort De Vaux and Verdun Heights plus the new mode Frontlines. Also can't see myself not playing for 2 weeks as I'd not want to log in and be playing the stale maps we've been stuck with for months now while others are enjoying the new mode and maps in the DLC.

I had deluxe edition and opted for the Premium Pass. After only 1 round in Fort De Vaux I'd say yes get it if you love infantry and if this were the only map it'd justify the upgrade if you could afford to part ways with $. My opinion only of course. But wait... there's more. There's Frontlines which I've yet to play but have heard the matches can be long. Don't mind long matches if they are immersive and my team isn't getting rolled by the opposing team for the entire round.

Maybe I'm just elated to see some new maps... either way I think two weeks of early access to the DLC's and the other perks are worth it. With that being said if you hated the game (BF1) before... by no means am I implying you'll love it now with Premium and the new maps... ha ha. Hope to see some of you on as we break in the new maps together.

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