Battlefield 3 - Still Fun When Playing Together As A Group

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While we've all moved on to the next best, newer games like BF1, Overwatch, etc. one things for sure... Battlefield 3 still offers hours of immersive, fun, and teamwork oriented game-play as a group. Really miss playing this "now older" Battlefield release and more importantly miss the cohesiveness that it's style brought to our community.

It's still fairly populated with players on any given night and while it's not bustling as it once was, it still offers a good solid FPS gaming experience in my opinion. Especially when playing together as a group. I would guess that's exactly why so many are still playing the game even after BF1, BF4, and the others have came on the scene boasting a "better game". Saying the newer BF games are "better" is purely subjective in my opinion as I personally don't think they are "better". Better graphics... yes, better gadgets... maybe, better teamwork immersive experience for a group playing together... NO.

Just my opinion but the newer releases, most notably BF1 have all but killed the cohesiveness of a community like ours. Not going to get started on BF1. I've played it a LOT and will continue to play it somewhat sparingly. Until they drop new maps and some fresh content it's gotten pretty lackluster and boring to me. Along with the shitty and notoriously unacceptably LONG cycle (going on 4 months of now) of no new content they have dropped the ball once more. They have killed the social, community building and teamwork nurturing aspects of the game with their refusal to incorporate Platoons/Clans into the game, allow server control, and lots of other features one would assume would be standard in a game like "Battlefield".

Hope those get reintroduced. Time will tell. I'm always game for some "throw-back" games in BF3 as a group. If you have this game and have uninstalled it I'd encourage you (if you have ample disk space) to install it once more and lets meet back up in Discord for some games. No set schedule but a few of us still have it and when we go in together and play... we always have hours of fun!

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