Our Community Battlefield 1 Server Is Online

Server Name = SquadUp3Mob.com | 3MOB Battlefield Community

We're doing a "trial run" on a rented BF1 Community Server and it's online now. SquadUp3Mob.com | 3MOB Battlefield Community, please search the server listing and add it to your favorites list and join us for some games.

Rent a server is in beta phase so not a lot of control as of yet. Server is 64 slots running conquest maps. I'm not going to sweat us populating the server. People should feel at liberty to play where they like. Maybe when there are several of us on we can attempt to get it filled but due to the 20 player start count (which can't presently be changed in configs) it will likely be a chore to get populated. We'll see. It's supposed to get "quick match traffic" so maybe 5-6 could get it going. Not sure. We'll see.

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