Re: BF1 Beta Available NOW

I will be on tonight but guessing it will be pretty late. About to start the download.
Sounds great man. I'll be on late too. Likely will have to wait till my boy goes to sleep but will be on. I played for a few minutes earlier and was just really happy with how smooth it ran and it's just beautiful. Nothing remotely close to the BF4 Beta. Essentially it's a very polished version.

Re: BF1 Beta Available NOW

Nobody can play at the moment as a result of a DDOS hack attack..All BF1 servers down. Multiple hacks over the last 18 hours or so..Pretty sure you can download game still booze....:) just cant play yet.I will be back after dinner, hopefully the 3MOB members can go and have some fun....Edit:::::.>Played a bit last night with Lion,minos,Shadow,Pharma,Mark,Crucial.and enjoyed it. Kind of a cross between Squad and Bf..Challenging to get kills, which i like. Jury's still deliberating, but so far so good..

Re: BF1 Beta Available NOW

The BF1 beta only has a few days left, so i hope we can get some members out to play before it is closed. When it comes to BF1,3 or 4, the motto of this community is "dont play alone". That said, for me it doesn't matter what game we are playing ( BF1,3,4 ), it is always fun when playing in a group of even one or two other players. I know for alot of you life does restrict time for gaming, anyone else that is still active and has the time to squad up, jump in and have some fun and games.....3MOB is not going anywhere, so re-engage with the community and for new members feel free to join in when you have time, and have fun.No matter what game it is.....

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