Smoke FREE Vaping Is Pretty Sweet

Smoke FREE Vaping Is Pretty Sweet
So I'm almost at a month cigarette free after being about a pack a day smoker for many years. First couple of weeks was kinda rough but vaping good juice with a decent kit helped tremendously. I toyed with the vape for about two years on and off. Finally about a month ago I decided it was time to lay'em down and took some advice and invested in an eGo one device (about 50-60 bucks) and some quality eJuice and it made all the difference in the world.

Anyways already feeling healthier and much better than when I was a smoker. Anyone contemplating quitting my biggest and most important suggestion would be to invest in a decent device off the bat. You can get a good Sub-Ohm device for what you spend on a week or less in cigs. I don't plan on turning the vape into a hobby like some but to each and everyone their own. For me it's been an awesome quitting tool and I'd recommend to anyone trying to drop the cig habit.

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