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Just had a new baby here this week (momma and baby doing great) but will try to pop on to BF3 when I get a chance.

You will have plenty of time to play. Sleep on the other hand, well that won't happen for a few years.
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Re: Community Member MIA Thread

Well congrats DarkTater21. Glad to hear mother and new baby are doing well.

For the rest of you guys reading this, that may have been "unplugged" from the community for a while... we are organizing a couple of "designated gaming nights" to encourage you all to re-engage with the community.

It's simply suggestive but it's going to be 3-Thursdays, 4-Fridays, and Squad-Saturdays. Beginning this Thursday at 11 PM EDT we'll be meeting up in our 3MOB Discord voip Server to play Battlefield 3 as a group on some pub servers.

On Friday we'll be meeting up in Discord again (same time - 11 PM EDT) to to play Battlefield 4 as a group on some pub servers.

Saturday (same time - 11 PM EDT) for those who play Squad.

So that's the new 3-Thursdays, 4-Fridays, and Squad-Saturdays we're rolling out. Let's see how many 3MOB we can round up? If you've been MIA I really hope you can make one of those nights. Looking forward to it!

Re: Community Member MIA Thread > Battlefield 1 Bringing You Back???

Hitting the northwoods for a week and a half of camping so I will be out a bit. A much needed rest, I got stuck overnight with an outage last night and am still stuck here at work.
Enjoy the camping and outdoors brother. Sounds like a well deserved break to me. I myself have been scarce online of recent. When I'm behind like I have been recently with a few projects and get slammed with work I just can't justify playing games online.

The little free time I have had lately has been spent with my sons, working out, and generally just taking a break from all games. I'll be on in tonight some and hope to catch back up with you guys if any of you are on.

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