3MOB Discord VOIP Info.

We encourage members to download and use the Discord VOIP client for communications with the group. We host our own Discord Server.

Discord VOIP Instructions
While Discord can be run in your web browser (no install necessary) we recommend installing the free lightweight application which can be found here:

Upon or prior to launching the Discord application you'll need to accept the invite to our 3MOB Discord server below:
Click Here To Accept The Invite To Join Our 3MOB Discord Server

Important Info. On Our Designated BF1 Voice Channels

Casual Play Channel

BF1 Casual Play. Casual Play is the channel to use if your're: (1) Casually playing the game in a relaxed tone whereby you don't wish to actively communicate with the team via tactical in-game communications.
(2) You don't want to commit to working the objectives together as a group and maybe you just want to lone-wolf it, work on an assignment, etc.

Using the Casual Play Channel does not imply you're not a "team player". It simply means you'd like to do your own thing, play your own objectives, or "dick around" as we often describe it.
We all chose this play style from time to time... now there's a designated channel for it :-)

Tactical Play Channel

BF1 Tactical Play. Tactical Play is simply that... tactical, organized, team-work oriented game-play whereby the expectations on communication and orchestrated game-play are much higher than that of casual play.

It's important to note that you don't have to be a comp type player with amazing skills/kd to use this channel. You simply need to be: (1) A player that communicates effectively in-game. (2) Plays the assigned objectives, and follows the direction of the group/squad leaders.

One of the core principles that sparked the founding of our community was the benefit of using in-game comms effectively. Doing so facilitates team-work oriented game-play that in most scenarios will easily overwhelm the vast majority of "disorganized" casual players. It also makes for a much richer gaming experience whereby camaraderie is fostered through both wins and losses.

We are a relaxed group but please be respectful and accommodating of these new BF1 voice channel designations. If you come into the Tactical Channel and do not attempt to play tactical as defined above by "doing your own thing" you may be politely asked to join the casual channel.

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