Hello :)

What's up everybody I'm actually new to bf4 but played bf3 a lot before all my friends call me MO I'm 26 years and I'm looking to make new friends to play bf4 with :)

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Re: Hello :)

Welcome to the Platoon MO...Join us in Discord BF Channel for some fun....
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Re: Hello :)

Just an update to this post.Still waiting to see hide nor hair of "MO" and for that matter many of the recent new members that apparently are looking for a group to game with ? New members are more than welcome, and encouraged to join in our voip and game with the community. Not exactly sure why one would join a community with no evident intention to actively be involved? We do not have any rigid prerequisites for affiliation with 3MOB . Maybe we should have a protocol that you have to come into our Voip, before we consider anyone for membership. Not much value in absentia. Just my two cents.

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