Hey man. Welcome to our forums and thanks for the intro. I see you've connected with us via Discord. You're more than welcome to join our members in-game and see if the group is a good fit for you. We play BF4 & BF3 all durring the week. We also host designated gaming nights in an attempt to get most of us online at a specific time and into the same game/server.

Look forward to seeing you online and getting in some games with you. Again... welcome.

Designated Gaming Night Info Thread: viewtopic.php?f=70&t=3088


Welcome Captgoomba.. Is your name in BF4 ( Captgoomba7 ) ? And i think you are a US player.. If so you can send me a friend request.We also look forward to seeing you in game and more importantly in our voip Discord. We have had some players over time join us and for whatever reason never hear from them.The point of this community is to work in game with voice to make the experience more enjoyable and tactically better. We are not a comp game community and do not take this stuff seriously, but we like to have active members that want to take advantage of working together and the fun of playing with members ( squadding up )

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