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My name is Al and I go by the nick "Shladag" .I am maybe the oldest guy her, a relic from the past LOL.
Have been playing since the days of Adam Coleco, I am Canadian West cost , 67 years old , retired and an avid FPS gamer. I used to belong To Mappers United which has returned to its first love, of mapping and modding in COD. The gaming part is now a good memory
I Mostly played COD 2, 3, 4,5 Black Ops 1, BF 2, 3, 4, Insurgency, and Squad , just a bit , I am glad to have found your site. I will try to join you as time permits (she who must be obeyed, rules my days :) ). In all seriousness I love Squad and I want to get to play it for what it was intended, and get better at it.
Thanks again for making your group and site available.


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Hey AL! Welcome and thanks for posting your intro. I quit counting my birthdays somewhere in my 40's I think ha ha. I look forward to seeing you online and getting in some games with you. Never hesitate to reach out if you need anything or have questions. Again welcome!

Good info for linking up with us all in game here as well if you have not seen this post yet:

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